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Label Designer Plus DELUXE 12.20

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Design labels, envelopes, or cards and print them on paper or directly on CDs and DVDs. Insert QR, Code 128, Code 39, UPC, EAN, and other bar codes in your creations.

Professional label design and printing requires a truly professional tool. Label Designer Plus DELUXE will surprise you with both a wide array of label templates and the high level of customization it allows. It supports nearly all types of labels, from discs to bottles and from envelopes to postcards, and the list of all well-known manufacturers. It comes with a barcode generator and with a tool to create your own databases for batch label printing.

I wouldn’t dare to say that this is not an app for beginners, but mastering its many capabilities and features does require a learning curve. Actually, the program’s label design wizard will be of great help for those users working with standard branded labels and a definite set of requirements. Those other users wishing to give a creative touch to their products and even create their own labels will find the program’s wide range of features highly invaluable.

As said, the Label Designer Plus DELUXE comes with an extensive collection of templates, all neatly organized by category and manufacturer. The same variety applies to paper sizes, including a wide array of envelopes. All layouts are customizable to your specific needs, in terms of not only dimensions, text location, fonts, or background colors, but also custom objects, images, shapes, rich text, lines, counters, and even barcodes. The program comes with its own barcode generator, which will allow you to add postal barcodes, EAN barcodes, and even QR codes.

You can create your labels using data imported from already created databases, or by creating your own database using PDB. This option will open a simple data entry interface for you to create your personal “Names and addresses”, “Media”, and “Texts” databases, which you can then use to batch-print your labels.

All the possibilities are here – all you need to do is learn how to use them wisely to produce totally professional labels in a totally professional way. The results won’t disappoint you.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Extensive array of product- and brand-based templates
  • Fully customizable labels
  • Label design wizard for beginners
  • Includes a barcode generator
  • Allows to create and import your own databases
  • Add images, objects, text, etc., to personalize your labels


  • Mastering this tool requires a learning curve
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